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Hello and welcome to my website!
It's nice to meet you!

Artists are often asked how long ago they first expressed an interest in their art.
My love for drawing, painting, and creating began when my mother purchased a small set of "Craypas" for me (oil pastels) when I was about 7 years of age because I was interested in drawing and coloring. I was one of those kids who always colored "inside the lines".  As a matter of fact, that was often an after-school or weekend activity with one of my neighborhood friends. I suppose I lost interest, likely because I didn't have the right instruction.

 In 2004 I began instruction for a short while with a local artist in our community.

Several years later I studied with an extremely talented and passionate artist. I participated in a week-long watercolor class and studied privately for several months. Under her tutelage, I was fortunate to show some of my original paintings at the Mentor/Artist Event sponsored by the Montclair Art Museum.

I progressed to independent study in 2013 and have since been painting on my own. I often sit down and let my paintbrush and mood guide me. Sunflowers, actually all flowers, are a favorite of mine! 

Since 2017 I continued studying with artists throughout the world through Zoom and various Video software. 

My artwork sustains and fulfills me.

I am a member of the New Jersey Watercolor Society.

I am in my 30th year (2023) of survivorship of breast cancer. I find that the serenity of painting and creating art serves as a spiritual and meditative joy.I hope my paintings will bring some joy to you!

Welcome to my website!
Please click on each image to see paintings in these categories.  Stop by again so as I am always adding new paintings@

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Thank you

for accompanying me

on my creative journey.

 I  specialize in creating original watercolor paintings that capture the unique beauty of the world around us. I strive to create art that is both stunning and meaningful. From landscapes to abstracts, I use my brush to bring the beauty of the world to life in vivid color and detail.

I take great pride in my art and am passionate about creating paintings.
If you’re looking for something special,  I’d love to create something just for you.


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